Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ohhhhhhhh, the 90's.

In case you haven't noticed... It's 2011.  Woah.  Where did all the time go?  As a child born in the early 1990's,  I remember some of the awesome things we had and some of the more... hideous (for lack of a better word) trends of the 90's, and that includes the fanny pack your father wore to Disney World.  Oh yeah, we remember, Dad!

As a tribute to the late, great 1990's, I've compiled a list of items/trends that were big hits in the 90's.  Some are target more toward those who grew up in the 90's.  If you can remember any of them, you're awesome.


- Myspace had yet to be invented.  If you wanted to know something about somebody, you asked them.
- PS2, XBOX, and the idea of text messaging had yet to be conceived as well.
- You rented VHS.  And that was considered high tech.

- We still played tag, kickball, and dodge ball until the porch light came on.
- Hide-and-Go-Seek was best at dusk.
- Red Light, Green Light, Heads Up 7 Up, and Sparkle were great games to play on a rainy day.
- Hopskotch was for girls with cooties.  Jump ropes were girly, too.
- Red Rover and Four Square.  'Nuff said.

- Slip-N-Slides!
- Tree Houses (Remember when you used to hide all of your "bad stuff" up there?  Yeah, Mom totally knew about it.)
- Hula Hoops.
- Nano Pets and Furbies.  In retrospect, those things were creepy.

- Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Doug were the perfect Saturday morning and after-school cartoons.
- The ORIGINAL PowerRangers.  So cool.
- You gave your undivided attention to Rocko's Modern Life and CatDog for hours upon hours.
- Kenan and Kel.  The bomb-diggity.

- The Back Street Boys.  *Swoon.*
- 'N Sync was a close runner up.
- Britney Spears was America's sweetheart.  Oops, she won't be doing that again.

And the rest:
- Getting to sit in the front seat of the car was a privilege.
- "Eat your nuggets first.  Then you can have the Barbie."  Or Hotwheels.
- Running through sprinklers on a hot summer day.
- Decisions were made by an "eeny-meenie-miney-moe" fashion.
- Playing Nintendo was the hardest thing... EVER.
- Wearing your new shoes on the first day of school.
- Kool-Aid was the next best thing to sliced bread. (Which you took the crust off of anyway.)
- Monday:  "Can we have McDonald's for dinner?"  Tuesday:  "Can we have McDonald's for dinner?"  Wednesday:  "Can we have McDonald's for LUNCH??"  Thursday:  "C'mon, Mom... I haven't had McDonald's for like two whole days!"  Friday: "McDonald's for dinner? Please? Please? Pretty pretty please?"

Lastly... Trends of the 1990's.
- Roller blades
- Furby, Gigapets, and Tomagatchi
- The Macarena!!
- Grunge
- Push pops
- Bleached hair.  It was cool to be the "real slim shady."
- Overalls and fanny packs.  Thank goodness those are gone... Dad, you really did look silly at Disney World.  No lie.
- The Rachel haircut.  Jennifer Aniston never looked so good.
- Polly Pocket Toys.

Hope you enjoyed! 

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