Monday, February 14, 2011

Alexandria, VA Named Most Romantic City, Especially on VDay

So... It's Valentine's Day.  And everybody is either up in arms about how stupid Valentine's Day is or gushing over their "one true love" that they think they've found.  I'm indifferent.  As a girl, flowers are always nice.  Necessary?  Absolutely not.  It's Valentine's Day.  Give me a box of candy hearts and nice chick-flick, and I'll be happy.

Regardless of how you feel about VDay, has released its annual list of the 20 most romantic cities, and Alexandria has taken the title for the second year in a row.  Arlington also made the list, which brings me to believe that all of the hopeless romantics in the world collaborate in the grand ol' state of Virginia. 

Amazon's method for determining the level of romance in a city is as follows: Purchases of romance novels + Barry White albums + sex and relationship books + romantic comedies + sexual wellness products = Romance.

On a side note, Amazon named Miami, Florida the sexiest city for the second straight year, based on number of purchases in the sexual wellness category.  I don't know much about Miami, but I have seen some reality television shows set in Miami, and I believe it.  Miami = sexiness.

I've been to Alexandria and Arlington, and I must say that both have definite romantic qualities... if you're looking at it from a romantic perspective.  Although I was always looking at it from a historic perspective, the romance always seemed to be an underlying characteristic.  Given this, I give Amazon's list legitimacy. Even if it's not totally legit, who doesn't love reading stuff like this on Valentine's Day?

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