Friday, February 18, 2011

AFV: The Quick Fix For a Bad Day

We've all been there.  The alarm rang, you tripped over the shoe you couldn't find yesterday, you stumbled to the light switch, smacked your face off the door, and made a nice entrance into the living room by tumbling down the stairs on your backside.  Then, as if the past 2.3 minutes haven't been horrific enough, you put orange juice on your cereal, that god-forsaken shampoo bottle that always seems to be empty smashed your toes in the shower, your mom didn't buy more toothpaste (looks like mouth-wash for you, buddy), and to top it all off, you have no clean underwear.  Just think.  You haven't even gotten out the door yet!!

Next, the bus driver almost ran you over as you sprinted across the street to get to the bus stop on time, the principal screamed at you for putting gum under your desk (in every single class), and some big dude tripped you in the hallway... You consequently fell on your face.  Your glasses are broke (you look like a total nerd now that you've taped them back together), you left that chem assignment (that you didn't do) at home, you split your shorts in gym class (to the amusement of every single person in the class), oh, and you remembered that your breath stinks.

I think you get the point. It's been a really awful day.  And you knew, after you watched your life flash before your eyes and a big yellow bus coming toward you, that there was no way to reverse your bad mood.  Or prevent the extraordinarily terrible events that you knew would come at various points during the day.  So you flop down on the couch around 9 o'clock, after your mom forced you to eat a nice big helping of cabbage stew (that you almost hacked right back up), and think:  "Well dang.  I should just hit the sack now.  Nothing good can come of this day anymore." 

And that's where you're wrong.  At 9 o'clock on most weeknights, ABC Family is your ticket out of the blues, my friend.  America's Funniest Home Videos runs pretty much every night around 9 and 10 o'clock.  If you've never seen this show... Well, let's be honest.  You're nuts.  My all-time favorite show, America's Funniest Home Videos (more commonly known as AFV), is, in many ways, the original YouTube.  Tom Bergeron hosts this hilarious show, and he never ceases to please.  With mini activities like "SloMo Gizmo" and "Name that Sound," you will bust a gut by the end of the show.  About half-way through you'll wonder why your ab muscles hurt so bad and only five minutes in you'll realize that your cheeks hurt.

What's so funny? you may ask.  Well, when the middle-aged rough and tough father goes bolting out of his chair and screaming at a note that only dogs can hear because his son stuck a spider on his shoulder, you'll know.  AFV also runs 30-90 second video montages of continuous videos of a similar theme strung together.  A few examples are "28 Monkeys in 30 seconds" and "53 Burps in 60 seconds."  Hilarious, right?  Even if you don't have time to watch the entire show, do it anyway.  These montages alone will be worth the trouble.  Seriously.  They usually run with some sort of catchy song that relates honestly to the videos and you'll laugh your pants off.  I promise.

So the next time you have an incredibly horrific, awful, terrible, can't-get-any-worse day, watch AFV.  It'll give you that feel-good feeling that you just can't resist. 

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