Sunday, February 13, 2011

Africa says goodbye to Sudan, Hello to Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan

As most of us know, Sudan, an empoverished country in Africa, has dealt with its fair share of problems.  On February 7th, over 99% of the population of Southern Sudan voted to secede from Northern Sudan, creating a new nation.

On July 9th, Southern or South Sudan, will become a country complete with its own flag, constitution and a government selected by and comprising of the people of Southern Sudan. Hopefully, this will end unrest in a country that has been at war with itself more often than not since gaining independance from Britain.

Despite the joy and positive attitudes, Southern Sudan faces great challenges in the near future. Its people have to create a constitution, a new currency, an entire government, and some kind of judicial system.  Because most of the new country is rural, they also have to come up with innovative ideas to develop at least their capital city, Juba.

I do not expect Southern Sudan to get on its feet anytime soon.  Based on the timeline used in creating America, with the economic and social state of Sudan at this time, I doubt we will see any sort of stability from Southern Sudan within the next few years.  Things are looking up, however, due to nurturing and support from the United States and other established countries like us.  With the best of luck and guidance, Southern Sudan will one day become a great nation where "peace and prosperity will reign."

When I read this article, I was happy to see that the people in Africa finally decided to do something about the repression they were victim to for years.  The news of Southern Sudan becoming a country gave me a feeling of peace and happiness, but also one of unrest and wariness, because you just never know what's going to happen in these kinds of situations.  Will they work it all out and prosper, as we did hundreds of years ago?  Or will they crack under the pressure of creating a new country?  Only time will tell.

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