Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mortgage? Get It Paid For!

This photo was digitally made;
no homes have been painted yet.

Don't want to pay your mortgage anymore?  Turn your house into a billboard!  A new advertising firm Adzookie says it will pay the house owner's mortgage every month for as long as the home stays painted.  Adzookie recently launched the offer on its website, and they had more than 1,000 applications by noon the same day, according to  One was even from a church.  This simply underscores just how much homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgages.  Adzookie intends to paint its logo and social media icons onto participating homes. Houses must remain painted for at least three months, and the agreement may be extended up to one year.  Painting is expected to begin in a few weeks.  Adzookie CEO Romeo Mendoza hopes "buzz" about the program will publicize his company.  Let's not forget about the house-size ads, of course.  Mendoza started the company 16 months ago and has been running it on his own funds since.

Wondering what Adzookie is?  Well, it is a mobile ad network that places local businesses' ads for free if they, in exchange, allow ads to be placed on their own mobile sites. Ads can also be purchased for about $1 a day.  The company currently employs just eight people, but Mendoza said he is looking to raise more money and expand his business.  The home billboard scheme could raise the company's profile -- but Mendoza doesn't expect too many homes to obtain the subsidized deal. His budget for the entire program is $100,000, and he expects to spend about $8,000 per house on the painting alone.  At the end of the agreement, Adzookie will paint the house back to its original colors. Leases and rentals aren't allowed, nor are homes in cities with bylaws that would prohibit the bright painting.

So there you have it.  Can't afford your mortgage?  Get your house painted.  The world just gets crazier and crazier.  It's great.

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