Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scotty McCreery Gets a Surprise

Scotty McCreery

The last few weeks on American Idol, host Ryan Secrest has been advertising that the top three finalists will be treated to a trip home for the first time since the show began.  Of course, since American Idol hasn't aired yet for this week, we haven't seen the nice little videos that they put together for us to view during the show.  But I was browsing on when I found this little video from a blogger that is hip to the American Idol stuff.  She's always writing about American Idol, and I find myself agreeing with her opinions quite frequently, so I've made it a habit to check up on her posts every now and then.

Anyway, she writes, "Top 3 "American Idol" finalist Scotty McCreery first made an impression auditioning with, and then repeatedly singing, "Your Man" by Josh Turner, aka the "baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low" song. As Scotty's "Idol" star has soared, his audition song choice has turned out to be the best publicity Josh could ask for. So when Scotty returned to his hometown of Garner, North Carolina, this weekend for his big homecoming event (an "Idol" top 3 tradition), Josh repaid the favor by bumrushing the stage during Scotty's welcome-home concert, giving Scotty the surprise of his life.

Scotty had started to sing "Your Man"--his first time performing it with a band--when Josh appeared unannounced onstage. When Scotty turned around he sort of experienced a delayed reaction, at first reaching out to grasp Josh's shoulder, before suddenly realizing just who he was sharing the stage with. Observe his hilarious reaction at this link:

Josh Turner

Josh's band then came out to complete the song as a Josh/Scotty duet. Seventeen-year-old Scotty could barely contain his boyish excitement over getting to sing with his idol, yet still performed like an old pro and held his own.

"Thanks for singing my songs," said Josh, to which Scotty answered, "Thank you for singing them first!" The duo then performed another Josh song Scotty once sang on "American Idol" (during Hollywood Week), "Long Black Train," with both guys playing guitar.

"It's good to see someone waving the country music flag out there in Hollywood," said a torch-passing Josh, as what appeared to be the entire population of Garner cheered. It seems pretty obvious who Josh will be voting for next Wednesday night."

Aww, how happy.  Just a little piece of American Idol for you.  Plus, with my being a big country music fan, and thus, a big Scotty McCreery fan, I must say that I was pretty excited to see this.  Ever since Scotty came to the show with his "baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low," I've been wanting to see them sing together.  Awesome!

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